Common Fears of Senior Living—And Ways to Eliminate them

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Change is difficult for most people, and when that change involves moving home, it is never simple. The traditional concept of senior living or a retirement home used to be, unfortunately, a fairly dismal one. To the senior and the family members, it meant sending a loved one away from home and family into an unfamiliar place, surrounded by strangers, a loss of independence and simply a downhill slide through the retirement phase of life. This is certainly not the case anymore. Not only have the various levels of senior care evolved, but senior living facilities are also becoming more and more friendly, cheerful, comfortable and convenient dwellings for seniors.

If you or a loved one are considering moving into a senior living community, here is some useful advice to help you overcome these common fears:       

  1. Will my health deteriorate and will I age sooner? Being away from the comfort and familiar setting of home can create anxiety for a senior. Socializing with other people their age and perhaps, individuals who share similar signs of aging can help seniors feel less anxious about their own health and age-related constraints. Senior living communities today organize daily physical and social activities to keep seniors active and engaged, thus helping to slow down the aging process.
  2. Will I be forgotten? On the contrary, residents in a senior living community make a lot of new friends. Their family and old friends will also come to visit without having to make the time or worry about cleaning and running errands for their senior during these visits.
  3. Won’t I get bored? You probably won’t have much time to be bored! From physical exercise to social events, community dining, entertainment and prayer meetings, senior living communities offer a wide range of activities to keep residents busy and well.
  4. Will I have the funds? If you plan ahead, you certainly can have the funds to pay for yourself or for a loved one’s stay in a senior living community. When compared to the costs of in-home care, a senior living community can actually be much more cost-effective.
  5. Who will take care of me? You will never be alone! Trained staff will be around to assist and look after your every need. You can choose the level of care you require. Why stay at home alone, when you can have friendly, warm and loving care, plus the company of others your age?
  6. Will my life be controlled by strangers? I don’t want to lose my independence! If you are able to live and handle yourself independently, you remain in control of your life completely. Senior living communities offer independent living, assisted living, nursing care and rehabilitation, memory care, and so on. You are free to choose the specific care you need.

Contact our team to discuss your fears and concerns about senior living. We can offer valuable advice and guidance to help put your mind at ease. 

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My mother is adjusting nicely to the new assisted living community. The residents and staff have been welcoming and nice to her. Thank you for your help and thoughtfulness in finding her a new home! Susan & George

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