Activities Taking Place At Assisted Living Communities Today

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Many seniors today are gradually getting more familiar with the use of modern technologies, communication devices, fitness programs, sports, and other types of physical and social activities. While going for a daily walk or playing bingo may have been part of regular activities for your great grandmother, your mother or even grandmother may long for a little more fun and excitement in her retirement years. The good news is that many assisted living communities and adult care centers recognize this change and have updated their activities and programs accordingly.

At Adult Care Advisors, we are in touch with a number of assisted living communities across the country. We hear from activity managers at these communities about the range of activities they plan in order to keep seniors physically active, mentally alert, as well as spiritually and emotionally nourished.

If you or a loved one are thinking about moving into an assisted living community, you can look forward to activities such as:       

  • New Age Fitness Activities: Walking and stretching are always very helpful activities, but may not be the most fun. Yoga, pilates, tai chi, zumba, aqua zumba, spinning (indoor cycling), etc. are some of the fitness activities that seniors can now enjoy at many assisted living communities.
  • Singing and Dancing: As one senior quipped, “If you have to make a big song and dance about getting old, you may as well sing and dance your way through it!” At Adult Care Advisors, we couldn’t agree more. Karaoke is getting to be a very popular activity at assisted living communities, and seniors enjoy singing their favorite tunes with their resident friends—even from a wheelchair. Line dancing, square dancing, ballet and waltz lessons also see active and enthusiastic participation from seniors living in an adult care community.
  • Outdoor Events, Excursions and Field Trips: There is nothing more invigorating than fresh air, sunshine and the sights and sounds of nature. Whether it is a half-day picnic in the neighborhood park or a day-long field trip to the local museum or an overnight excursion that includes a show and dinner or trip to the casino, assisted living communities are offering all of these and more to keep their senior residents entertained, active and happy.
  • Learning by Doing: While residents at an assisted living community are in their golden years, they still love to learn and do things with their hands and minds. From crosswords and games of chess to learning craft, pottery, origami, ikebana, jewelry making, knitting, computer classes, talks by visiting speakers in various fields of interest, participants have a wide choice of how they continue to learn new things as they age.
  • Indoor Sports: From bowling to Wii games, foosball and pool, assisted living communities have a variety of indoor sports activities available for seniors to participate in. No matter what the weather is outside, your loved ones can get their daily share of physical activity in a stimulating, fun environment.

Contact our team at Adult Care Advisors to know more about the types of activities and programs offered by assisted living communities today. 


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My mother is adjusting nicely to the new assisted living community. The residents and staff have been welcoming and nice to her. Thank you for your help and thoughtfulness in finding her a new home! Susan & George

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