Welcome to Talk Elder Care! Hi,I’m Carol Katz and I’m Dina Katz Frauwirth!

We are Adult Care Advisors.

Adult Care Advisors is a free service that helps families navigate the senior care spectrum. So, whether your loved one may wanna stay at home and need some in-home care services or adult daycare, or if they’re thinking it might be the time to move to an independent assisted living, continuing care community, or even need hospice or nursing home services. We’re really here to listen, analyze the situation, and find some practical options that meet your financial, geographic, and your parents medical conditions and see how we can help.

It’s always great to have somebody to lean on, to fall back on, to vent your fears, your hopes, your dreams for your parents, so know that we’re always here to talk, to listen, to guide you, to give you the information you need to make the best possible decisions. So reach out to us anytime we can always be. At 732-792-6407, we’re here, we’d love to talk and we’re a phone call away.

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Adult Care Advisors is your senior care resource founded in 2009 by Carol Katz and her daughter Dina Frauwirth. Adult Care Advisors provides a host of services for families. Our skilled and friendly team can advise you on the best options for seniors and help you make decisions regarding care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients, in-home care, adult daycare, senior living communities, and live-in assistance. Call today to speak with a senior care advisor!

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What does an Assisted Living Facility offer?

I am Carol Katz and I’m Dina Katz Frauwirth and we are Adult Care Advisors. “My mother is starting to decline and I’m not sure where to go. We’re thinking about assisted living, but we have no idea what it offers. So my question, is what does assisted living offer for somebody? ” Assisted living offers assistance and support with activities of daily living. Some of these activities can include the basic- grooming, bathing, dressing, and things like that or even the more advanced- shopping trips, meal preparation, cooking, laundry. Or even medication management and supervision, a terrific feature about assisted living is that it really incorporates health care. Basically, that you know, sometimes we get calls from family members. Oh my loved one has half a dozen doctors. How do I really coordinate all of their care? In assisted living, It brings everything on the same page, so everybody is really all moving in the same direction as a team. Assisted living is also a great option on the continuum of care when a loved one maybe can’t function at home or just may not want to be living independently at home and it kind of bridges the gap between that and a 24 hour skilled nursing facility. Assisted livings really try to keep and promote independence with the utmost dignity. I try to tell families it’s never too early to move into an assisted living. Often it could be a great idea to move your loved ones into a community when they really don’t need that much medical care just so they have a place to live three great meals a day, activities, and concierge service. the buses that will take them to different locations, different stores, supermarkets, when it’s just too difficult and they often have to give up their cars. It’s a great means for them getting out of the house and being in a socially friendly environment, so it could serve as a dual purpose, both an independent living option and when they need the care they really need, it’s there in a moment’s notice, so it’s a comforting fact of family members and the senior will always remain safe. Sign up for our newsletter and receive helpful tips on transitioning to assisted living communities.