Is it Dementia?

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments December 10, 2014

It’s 1:30 p.m. in the afternoon and the phone rings…it’s your doctor’s office calling to let you know that you missed your appointment earlier in the day. How could it be that you forgot? You had the “reminder card” in visual sight on the refrigerator for the last 2 months, and you wrote the appointment… Read more »

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How Do I Tell A Senior It Is Time for Assisted Living?

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments October 23, 2014

No one likes facing difficult decisions. Telling your loved one that it is time for a move to assisted living can be one of the most difficult decisions to make. For many adult children who are facing this tough challenge, the term ‘assisted living’ brings to mind a foreign, cold, hospital-like atmosphere and fear. But… Read more »

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When is Home Care the Best Option for a Senior?

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments October 13, 2014

The majority of seniors prefer to continue living at home for as long as possible. Just like teenagers, they like the feeling of independence! The thought of paying for an assisted living community may also make them anxious, but there are alternatives. For some seniors, home care is the best option as they age and… Read more »

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The ‘Best’ Assisted Living Community is a Myth, But You Can Find a Best Fit

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments September 22, 2014

No one can claim to have found the best assisted living facility, only the best one for their senior. While your friend may recommend the ‘best’ assisted living community for her elderly father and it is right down the street from your mother’s current home, that community may or may not be perfectly suited to… Read more »

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What to Look for When Touring an Assisted Living Community

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments September 12, 2014

Looking for an assisted living community that is ideal for your senior can be hard. After all, you want to find the best adult care available and it has to be within a suitable price range. It makes sense to learn what each assisted living community is like by touring the facility rather than simply… Read more »

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