As our loved ones age and life situations change, everyday tasks like driving, housework, or self-care can become increasingly difficult. If your loved one struggles with keeping up with household chores, staying on top of appointments, or maintaining their hygiene, in-home care services may be a good option. This type of care provides them with the extra assistance they need while continuing to live in the comfort of their home.

Navigating the range of services and providers can be a daunting task. Adult Care Advisors simplifies the process by offering free, personalized advice and referrals on what options would be best for your loved one.

In-Home Care Services

In home care services provide assistance for your loved one in the familiarity of his or her home. Service options are tailored to fit your loved one’s needs. They range from having household help such as a homemaker/attendant to assistance with shopping and transportation to medical care like in-home nursing care or in-home therapy.

Many older adults wish to remain at home as long as possible, so in-home care services allow them to do so. It also offers you the assurance that they are happy in their familiar environment and looked after by a care professional.

What To Consider

Factors to consider when seeing if in home care services are right for you and your loved one:

  • Types of care necessary: What services do they need to be healthy?
  • Proximity to friends or relatives: Do they have access to social networks now that can provide support?
  • Access to transportation: Are they able to drive or have access to taxis or transit systems?
  • Proximity to stores, doctors, etc.: How far do they have to drive to reach their destination? How close are they to care services?
  • Home and yard layout: Are they able to maintain a large house or yard? Are there tripping or falling hazards in their home?

Our Network

Adult Care Advisors helps you find what services are the best fit for your loved one. We provide free advice and referrals on a full range of services for seniors. We are a local family business, not a franchise, and offer a personalized experience in finding the best options.

Our complimentary referral service will be happy to speak with you about your loved one’s situation to see if in-home care services might be a good fit. We can answer any questions you may have about in home care services and what specific services your loved one may need. Ee will be able to connect you with a care professional in our broad network.