• Hi there, my name is Cameron Stewart and today I wanted to give a shout out to Carol Katz at Adult Care Advisors in Manalapan, New Jersey. I’m originally from Oceanport, New Jersey and a few months ago, my elderly grandmother for whom I’m the power of attorney over needed some long-term care. She had some health issues and needed to go into long-term care facility. I didn’t know what to do, of course, like most people don’t in these situations, um but I knew I had to do something and I somehow came across Carol after quite honestly a few weeks of searching trying to figure out answers of what I can do and what I can’t do in my grandmother’s situation, and Carol Katz was able to figure everything out for me and find placement for my grandmother. Honestly, in a matter of about 48 hours. so for anyone who’s in the situation where you need to find long term assistance or you honestly, you just have any questions about the care of your, you know someone elderly in your family that can’t care for themselves. Please give Carol a call she is an immense help. What’s mind boggling to me even more is that you have companies that to get paid lots of money to inform people about their services and they do a terrible job of it and Carol was able to do a much better job than anyone else and she did it for absolutely free and she got back to me in a timely fashion every single time and honestly paved the road truthfully speaking in order for my grandmother to get into a long-term care facility. So please if you have any issues give a call at Adult Care Advisors and Carol Katz! Thank you for helping.

    - Cameron Stewart

  • To Whom It May Concern:

    Occasionally you are lucky to meet someone who changes your life for the better. Your associate Carol Katz returned a phone call when I made an initial inquiry about possible Assisted Living facilities for my 94-year-old father.

    Carol provided guidance, caring, understanding and expertise re: my difficult decision and offered choices for potential care. With zero pressure, she understood my family’s commitment to first try bringing my father home after he had a life-changing, debilitating fall in September 2020.

    After 8 weeks of therapy, I brought him home and his health care workers could not work together resulting in his receiving inadequate care. While I was pleading on the phone for one caregiver ‘not to quit’ my phone beeped, and it was Carol Katz…. Checking in.

    She and I patched in my brother to a conference call, and Carol included a representative from the assisted living. Together we discussed options. Our call was on Tuesday night,December 29, and my father moved into the community

    on Tuesday afternoon, January 5! Carol followed up with us nearly every day, and assisted with our contractual agreements, providing insight and caring.

    In the wake of a very difficult decision, my family and I feel tremendous gratitude for Carol Katz. She is a wonderful advocate, and our lives are all better for having made her acquaintance.

    With sincerity and with gratitude, I remain

    - Barbara B

  • I can’t begin to explain the comfort and friendship Carol Katz has provided to me during very challenging and frightening times when deciding the best place for my mother who needed Assisted Living and then SubAcute Rehabilitation. I knew I was never alone in making these decisions as long as I had Carol by my side. She went above and beyond the call of duty to help me and continued to provide comfort and support even after all decisions were made. Not only did she always find the best places for my mother and helped me in making some extremely tough decisions, I was able to contact her day or night, vacation or at home – it didn’t matter where Carol was she always responded to me in a moment’s notice. My thanks to her can never be enough and my gratitude can never be measured for all that she has done and continues to do to help me during some very dark times. Her expertise and friendship have become invaluable. I could not have done it without her!!!!!

    - Beth Slovitz-Owens

  • I just want to express my sincere appreciation to you for your support during this very trying time in my life. I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through without your help. You and Dina were there for Debbie and me throughout this ordeal. Unfortunately it did not end in the way we all hoped for but that does not take away from the incredible efforts you made on our behalf. Thank you again from our entire family.

    - Myrna

  • Your service was truly a life saver for us. You understood immediately what we needed (and did not need) in a facility and suggested only those that fit our requirements. You then guided us through the evaluation and selection process. My sister is quite happy with her cat in a place with reasonable spend down period, transition to Medicaid, ability to transition to long term nursing care if needed, and a caring staff. Thank you so much.

    - Marion