Signs of Depression in Your Senior Parent – Assisted Living Communities Can Help

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments September 3, 2013

As much as you may want to be with your senior parents all the time, you have other roles and responsibilities to fulfill. This means that your parents are alone at home for the better part of the day – if they aren’t already living on their own. When they have little to do and…

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Assisted Living Communities in NJ – A Solution for the Sandwich Generation

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments August 21, 2013

If you are a part of the sandwich generation, you have a never-ending stream of responsibilities. Is this affecting your career, social life, and your peace of mind? What can you do about it? Adult Care Advisors suggests you consider assisted living communities for your senior loved ones. It does not mean you stop caring… Read more »

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Senior Care and Assisted Living Tips for The Sandwich Generation

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments August 15, 2013

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the term “Sandwich Generation” describes that demographic of people who are balancing the needs of the oldest and youngest members of their families. What can you do to cope if you are a member of the Sandwich Generation? Can senior care communities and assisted living be of any… Read more »

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Discussing Assisted Living with Your Parents

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments August 8, 2013

Although it would be ideal for seniors to live at home all their lives, it is not always the safest or most practical option. Staying alone at home all day can be quite dangerous – particularly when the individual in question is facing increased fatigue, reduced agility and more frequent memory lapses. Moving your senior… Read more »

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When is the Right Time – Is Your Parent Ready for Assisted Living?

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments August 2, 2013

Seniors generally don’t take kindly to any type of change. Bringing up the idea of assisted living has to be done at just the right time so that they don’t completely shut out the thought. Too early, and the idea might be blocked from their mind forever; too late, and your senior parent might experience… Read more »

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