Family, Friends and Fun: Retirement Communities Provide All Three and More

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments October 30, 2013

When you are looking for the right retirement community for your senior, fun social gatherings may not be at the top of your list of factors to consider.  However, most established senior care facilities are great places for celebrating family, friends, and fun. Retirement communities are designed around a sense of community and gathering with… Read more »

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3 Things Every Senior Care Service Should Provide

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments October 21, 2013

When you are preparing to hire a home health agency, you and your parent are responsible for setting up the services he or she needs. Ideally, you want to choose from a list of services that range from the very basic to the more comprehensive with room to grow in case your parent’s needs change… Read more »

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How Social Activities in Retirement Communities Help Mental Health

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments October 11, 2013

Aristotle wrote many centuries ago, “Man is by nature, a social animal.” Not much has changed even today. Throughout life, from childhood to adulthood and senior years, we need social interaction in order to lead a happy, balanced life. An important advantage of retirement and assisted living communities in New Jersey is the social interaction… Read more »

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Short Term Care for Your Senior Parent Recovering From Surgery

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments October 4, 2013

Recovering from surgery without help isn’t easy. Most people underestimate how much their life changes post-surgery. The senior care consultants at Adult Care Advisors identify some of the major challenges your senior parent is likely to face when recovering from surgery: Be prepared for a longer-than-expected recuperation and recovery time. Even straightforward procedures such as… Read more »

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How to Assess the Quality of Medical Care at Your Parent’s Senior Care Facility

Adult Care Advisors

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments September 27, 2013

When selecting a senior care facility for your parents, a significant deciding factor will be the quality of medical care available. We all want to be assured that our senior parents will be well taken care of, with access to the best quality medical care when needed. Adult Care Advisors offers some useful tips and… Read more »

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