The First Few Weeks of Assisted Living are an Adjustment for Everyone

Life Changes Ahead

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments January 3, 2014

After any move, there is a period of adjustment. When the move involves a senior moving into assisted living, the adjustment is a little harder. The first few weeks after moving into assisted living are a critical time. At Adult Care Advisors, we know how to help families find assisted living. Our services include connecting… Read more »

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4 Inspired Decorating Tips for Assisted Living Communities in NJ

4 Assisted Living Decorated Tips

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments December 27, 2013

When seniors move into an assisted living community in New Jersey, they may be moving from a larger home into a smaller living space. For most seniors, this is a relief because their home had become too much upkeep. Still, it’s likely that your senior will want to bring the comforts they enjoyed most from… Read more »

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Discussing Senior Care and Assisted Living in New Jersey During the Holidays

Happy Holidays

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments December 18, 2013

The holiday season is an important time for getting together, sharing memories and spending time with family and friends. It is also the close of the year and the start of a New Year, so it happens to be a time of reflection and gratitude – for those we have in our lives and those

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Unsure Whether Your Senior Parent Will Like Assisted Living? Consider Short-Term Care Options

Adult Care Advisors

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments November 20, 2013

Many people are concerned about whether their senior parent will be happy in an assisted living facility. Finding high-quality care that fits your senior care needs is important, but making sure that your senior enjoys where and how they are living is just as important. One of the best ways to be sure your elderly… Read more »

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Pet Therapy: Can it Cure Your Senior Parent’s Loneliness?

Adult Care Advisors

-Written by Adult Care Advisors | No Comments November 10, 2013

It doesn’t take a lot of scientific evidence and big research reports for all of us to know that pets make humans feel better. Anyone who’s been snuggled by a dog or cuddled up to by a cat knows this instinctively. The pet-human bond is therapeutic for both sides. One of the most persistent problems… Read more »

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